Importance of Isolation Transformers

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Published: 23rd August 2011
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The intuitive inventions in the field of electro-magnetism have enabled the human race to perform once complex industrial operations with greater ease and safety. Some of the greatest outcomes of these historic scientific developments are electrical generators, induction motors and transformers.

A transformer is a device which enables transfer of electricity from one circuit to other through its inductively coupled coils. Depending on the functionality transformers are divided into several categories. One of them is electronic transformers which are as the name suggests, used in electronic devices. Subtypes: power transformer, toroidal transformers, isolation transformer, step-down transformer, pulse transformers, current transformers, switch mode transformer, inverting transformer, impedance matching transformer, high voltage transformer, low voltage transformer, square wave, etc.

Isolation transformers provide a specialized function. These are the most primary type of transformers used in industries. They are very valuable to give power supply to sensitive devices/equipments. When they are especially constructed with electrostatic shielding also named as Faraday shielding their electrical safety power is improved. As this isolates electrical power from the power supplying source it lessens the effects of power surges. These are called as ultra isolation transformers and are well utilized for power supplies of critical equipments in laboratories, patient care systems at hospitals also computers and telecommunication equipments etc. Because of their extra protection power they’re preferred over general isolation transformers to give power supply.

Types of isolation transformers are: AC Isolation Transformers, Drive Isolation Transformers, Medical Grade Isolation Transformers, Three Phase Isolation Transformers and Custom Isolation Transformers.

Here is the description of the basics of isolation transformer. These are two coil transformers. Primary coil behaves as input whereas secondary coil as output. Primary coil transforms electrical power from the high voltage power supply into magnetic field while the secondary coil would be transforming this magnetic field into electrical power. That means change in current in one wire (Primary winding) results in voltage across other wire (Secondary winding) through magnetic induction.

Using an isolation transformer it is possible to transfer AC power from one device to the other without a physical connection. This means primary and secondary windings of isolation transformer are not in a physical connection. This results in clean current at the destination as there are no DC signals and hence no interference.

The applications and benefits of isolation transformers are wide. Below is a list of main benefits:

1. In order to protect the equipments they are used to reduce the electrical surges even at the most awful power environments. They use the surge suppression parts at the line.

2. As mentioned earlier no interference hence the noise is reduced to the minimum.

3. They can prevent death by electrocution! Because there is no direct flow of current from the main to the output. And also electric supply is isolated from the earth. It is advisable to place the transformer as near as possible to the electrical outlet.

4. Isolation transformers can also be used to step up and step down the current which is a very useful feature.

5. When Faraday shielding is used the cumulative leakage of current is reduced to lower than 300 micro amps.

Isolation transformers are excellent option for power supply especially when used with electrostatic shielding.

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